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产品描述 英文

我觉得product discription(产品描述)也可以

production intruduction

Chinese beautiful soft silk is one of the most popular handcrafts representing China. The quality is not only beautiful, but also colorful, silk, satin, silk, Luo, Kam, textile, velvet, crepe everything, reaching more than 10 m...


手链的产品描述 全部释义和例句>>Bracelet product description 手链的产品描述 全部释义和例句>>Bracelet product description

产品介绍英语 product introduction

Generally composed of ceramic or stainless steel with a vacuum layer made into a water storage containers, at the top of a covered, sealed JANSEN, vacuum insulation installed in the house allows water and other liquids slow coo...


FM批准storagecabinets 独家todenios,FM认证(6049类)非占用存储柜 第一cabinetto符合标准 第三partyapprovals有害物质的建筑物周围有自1991在调频类有害物质的存储形式6049.fm开始批准建设6049班的那一年firstedition被。这个FM标准仍然在我...

产品的介绍其实就是产品说明书,告诉你个简单的方法就是在网上搜索下英文的产品说明书就可以参照啦~举个例子给你,比如目录,都差不多:1.工艺及镀层描述Precess and Deposit Description 1.1 简介General Description 1.2 产品特征Operating Pa...


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