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表示抱歉(Apologies): (1) 简单的表达道歉: A)Now, sometimes, especially with people you don’t know, it’s more polite to say ‘I’m sorry’. For example, imagine you’re in a library and you step backwards without looking and s...

对此事带来的麻烦我们表示歉意 We apologize for the trouble caused by this matter 对此事带来的麻烦我们表示歉意 We apologize for the trouble caused by this matter

“我对我的疏忽和大意表示由衷的歉意,并对您的谅解表示由衷的感谢。” -------- From the bottom of my heart, I am genuinely sorry for my carelessness and sincerely thankful for your forgiveness. (标准的English version, 但实在太hypocri...

I'm sorry for my interruption. 这是标准说法。 因为中英文的文化差异造成了不同的语言习惯, 呵呵加油哦

对自己的英语不好表示歉意可以说Excuse me, my English is poor. 如果是道歉的话可以你说I am sorry.I extremly sorry(我真的很对不起)。I am sincerly sorry(我真诚的道歉)。

你好! 歉意 sorry 英[ˈsɒri] 美[ˈsɑ:ri] adj. 遗憾的; 对不起的; 无价值的,低等的; 感到伤心的; [例句]'We're all talking at the same time.' — 'Yeah. Sorry.' “我们俩在同时讲话。”——“噢,抱歉。”

A: I do beg your pardon for the mistake I’ve made. B: It’s OK. That can happen to the rest of us. A:请您一定原谅我所犯的错误。 B:没关系,谁都会发生这种事情。 A: Please excuse my careless words. B: It doesn’t matter at all. A...

For you, I deeply feel sorry for any inconvenience

翻译如下: 对于不能参加你的生日聚会我表示深深的歉意 I apologize for not being able to attend your birthday party

打扰了表示歉意有几种说法: Sorry to bother you I'm sorry to interrupt I'm sorry to trouble you I'm sorry to bug you


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