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Energy Energy makes the world go, It is indispensible to both animal life and human life. We get heat energy from the food we eat, light energy from the sun and electricity from water. In the hot summer when there ia a power outage we feel all the

The Internet With the rapid development of modern technology, computer has become an important tool in our work and life. Now we can get a lot of information by using Internet. That's why I think Internet is the most useful part of computers.

Hey,man,do you live ln a city?What it will bring if you live in a city? There are too much cars,crowded people,noises,and polluted air. Are those what you want? So,come to have a look at our countryside.There are fresh air and blue sky, there are many

Looking back over the past ten years, I have the greatest impact to the people is my mother. My mother is no different from ordinary people, yet to me the most is her heart's normal mapping tolerance, understanding, open-minded and love it

How to Study English Well? 怎样学好英语? We all know that English is very useful. Many people in the world speak English. So more and more people in China study it. How to study English well? I think we must have a good way to study English.

If tomorrow were to be the end of the world, I will like to spend my rest of my life with the people who i like, I will tell them how much I love th

As students of Senior Grade Three, we have to study from early morning till late evening. With great pressure, many of us grasp every minute to study, even a ten-minute break.Therefore to take a ten-minute break between classes is definitely

1 A Day to RememberIt was Sunday. Our teacher Mr Zhu led us to a park nearby.Usually we go to the park to spend our holiday. But today we went there to take part in voluntary labour.We got there at nine o'clock. Mr Zhu divided us into three groups

Last week, students had a discussion on whether students of middle schools can play video games. Some of them think that playing video games is a waste of time and also harmful to their eyes. Moreover, students are easily addicted to video

respecting others is respecting ourselvesrespecting others is a good thingwe should be friendly to anyoneif you do not respect others ,they will not respect you as welldo not laugh at the disabled,they have self-respect as wellthough you are good,do not ignore anything



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