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帮忙翻译下英语 高手请进! 在线在线!!



Do you have any idea how much you hurt me for saying that?I did cry for you at that nightyou know?forget about youI cant do itIf it's possible, shall we start over?just give us a chanceI said that I will tell you my feeling when first met youYou will find out

Love is pure and only ,when the youth has left me and when i`m no longer young and you meet the sumer but that will be forever stored in my heart. 爱是纯洁和唯一的,当年轻离我而去,当我不再年轻而你遇见了sumer,不过你永远留在我心中.

This article mainly elaborated enhanced the enterprise competitive power two countermeasure analysis: The first kind is a Internet, relies on convenient and the inexpensive network information service, causes an enterprise to stand in the identical

So far, we have more than two together, time flies, suddenly we no longer is naive, we grow up, we also a mature. In these two years, we cry, loss, happy, happy, we experience the life of our life, frustrations, and you are full of days in my happy happy, you let me learn a lot of, thank you.

After I took part in my friend`s birthday party,I saw a motorbike have s high speed and knocked a boy on my way home. while the driver didn`t stopping right now and drove away. what he did made me so angry that I weote down the number of the

Don't know how to express, 虽然不知道如何表达Now of I, 但是此刻的我Very contented, 感到非常满足Don't need any gorgeous language, 不需要用什么华丽的辞藻去渲染Hopes this happiness will keep company with me forever. 只希望这种幸福的感觉能和我一直形影不离.Learn to grow up slowly, 学会慢慢的成长Brilliant smile.灿烂的微笑吧~

At present, China's accounting problems came to light more and more credit, accounting, credit is already gradually being trusted by the people, accounting has been seriously affected the integrity of our country to reduce the normal economic order



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